Techred technology (HongKong) Co.,Ltd specializes in manufacturing of electronic measurement ¡¢
instruments meters etc, We R&D intelligence household electrical appliances¡¢computer integrated
network system appliances, joined by Mifsubishi corporation and Kaga corporation of Japan. We
together established Mifsubishi-Kaga-TechRed semiconductor R&D lab.
Many tech elites have joined our electronicity department using international cutting edge tech. We R&D
electrical power testing system¡¢component measurement instruments and safe testing system etc.
We supply many electronic manufactures¡¢tech researching institutes¡¢colleges and universities with
sound testing integrated system resolution programes.
Our household electronic appliances department specializes in R&D¡¢manufacturing of microcomputer
control of electronic appliances. Using semiconductor tech¡¢singlechip tech of Mifsubishi corporation
of Japan,we have mastered a lot of cutting edge tech of frequency controling¡¢obscure controling¡¢
intelligence digital and controlling¡¢electronical appliances network system etc, we establish very
close relation with Samsung¡¢Hyundai Shenque corporation of Taiwan as well.
Our tech company department is authorized by Intel corporation to R&D techsoonMRPII software which
is a safe sound¡¢advanced¡¢effective company management resolution plan.
Our company is always taking employees as our life and tech as our dynamic, we¡¯ll try our best to
innovate provide our customers with sound product and services.

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