Guideline of services
  Service theory: Positive, pioneer and invent, the practical spirit that keep forging ahead
  Pursue better technology, quality, service.
     Service aim:
    When the quipment break,Techred enginner will schedule for getting to scene soon to sovle
---your problem;
    Respond the customer's need in 24 hours;
  Arrange engineer go to the scene to fix a breakdown immediately if it occures in city;
  Offer the quality product on one hand, the follow-up service on the other hand ;
  Really accomplish" the good products, better service";
   Customer's service centre:
  ¡¡¡¡Customer service centre, of Shenzhen as the headquarters for service, responsible for
¡¡¡¡service regulation of making, set up and maintain the total storehouse of fittings, carry
¡¡¡¡on technical support and responsibling for the maintenance engineer's training.
    Shenzhen services centre£º6F,JinDa Technology Centre,Ke Feng Road No.8
     Shenzhen Hi-Tech Park.
         TEL:0755-26611820 FAX:0755-26630802
    Service center of Dongguan:3F of NO.245,Qingyu Road,Qingxi Town,Dongguan.
         TEL:0769-7319717 FAX:0769-7319717
    Service center of Shanghai: In course of preparing to establish ¡­¡­
    Invite distributor's joining sincerely !
    Service hotline in 24 hours:0755-26377570

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Shenzhen office£º6F,JinDa Technology Centre,Ke Feng Road No.8 Shenzhen Hi-Tech Park.
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