TR-10X Series Precision LCR Meters
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Model:LCR METER TR-100
Model:LCR METER TR-101
  Product this apply to electronic factory product tube, production line make work of examining etc. According with
___the fast, accurate request of the production line, good products , bad product judge the function, Charge-in examine
___and best quantity that production line measure examine the instrument for passive package.
  Test parameter£ºL/Q¡¢C/D¡¢R/Q¡¢L/R(TR-101 only)
Test frequency£º100HZ(120HZ)/1KHZ(120HZ/1KHZ need prearrangement)
Measurement Range£º
L£º0.1uF~9999.9H Q(L)£º0.01~999.9
C£º0.1pF~99999uF D(C)£º0.0001~9.999
R£º0.1m¦¸~99.999 m¦¸ Q(R)£º0.0001~9.999
Test accracy£º ¡À0.2% for basic range
Display£º 5 digits for L¡¢C¡¢R %£¬4 digits for D¡¢Q¡¢R(R for TR-101 only)
Equivalent Circuit Mode£ºSeries¡¢Parallel
Measurement rate(1KHZ)£º 3pcs./sec
Correction Function£º Open/Short zeroing,offset residual capacitance,inductance,resistance.
Trig mode£º Internal
External£º DC 0~35V(TR101 only,option)
Comparator£º disply ¡÷% when save Std.value(TR101 only)
Power Requirement£º AC 110V/220V ¡À10%£¬50/60
Weight£º Approx.4kg
Dimension£º 270(W)¡Á105(H)¡Á305(D)mm
Operation Enviroment:Temperature:10¡æ~40¡æ,Humidity:10%~90%RH
Power Consumption£º 45VA max.
  test box¡¢SMD test tweezers    

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