TR-106XA Series Precision LCR Meters
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Model:LCZ Meter TR-1061A
Model:LCZ Meter TR-1062A
  TechRed 1061A/1062A LCR is passive package amount tester, apply to passive package automation make charge-in examining and production line of the factory. Serial LCR form this accord with automation produce fast, accurate request totally, Whether classify and count 8 grades by function, product not good /judge product not bad and establish and store and not calling out instrument by function 10 group, Accord with and produce linear velocity and request of quality all, it is passive best quantity of package that examine the instrument.
  Test parameter£ºL¡¢C¡¢Z¡¢¦¤%(TR-1062A only)¡¢
Test frequency£º40HZ~200KHZ£¬30steps
Test Voltage£ºAC10mv~AC2.5Vrms£¬steps 10mv
Measurement Range£º
L£º0.0001uH~9999.9H Q¡¢D£º0.0001~99999
C£º0.0001pF~9999.9mF ¦È£º-90.0000~+90.0000
Z£º0.0001m¦¸~9999.9M¦¸ ESR£º0.0001m¦¸~9999.9M¦¸
Test accracy£º¡À0.15% for basic ranges
Display£º4 digits for L¡¢C¡¢Z¡¢¦¤%¡¢D¡¢Q¡¢ESR¡¢¦È,3 digits for voltage¡¢frequency
Equivalent Circuit Mode£ºSeries¡¢Parallel
Measurement rate£ºhigh(8pcs./sec),slow(2.5pcs./sec)Choose by keyswitch
Zeroing Function£ºOpen/Short zeroing¡¢short(L¡¢Z) ¡¢open(c)
Trig mode£ºInternal/External(TR-1062A only)
External Bias£ºDC 0~35V
Comparator£ºL.C.R Std.Value & Hi/Lo % Limit;Limit of Q.D.R Value,Go/NG indication with alarm
Power Requirement£º AC110V/220V ¡À10%,50HZ/60HZ
Weight£ºTR1061A£ºApprox.5.4kg TR1062A£º Approx.7.5kg
TR1062A£º405(W) ¡Á130(H)¡Á365(D)mm
Operation Enviroment£ºTemperature:10¡æ~40¡æ,Humidity£º10%~90%RH
Power Consumption£º 55VA max
  SMD test tweezers¡¢Handler interface(TR-1062A only)

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