TR-2502 Resistance error sorting appearance
Main function£º
Instrument this 2502A serial common type of instrument, keep the excellent performance of TR-
_ _2502A, Apply ordinary / accurate error sorting and measurement of hindering etc. of
_ _resistance to mainly. TR-2502 is a kind of products with very high cost performance.
The hindering value measures the range: 0¦¸-33M. The resolution ratio is up to 5 effective
___figures. Measure the precision( %): ¡À 0.03%, the resolution ratio is 0.01%;
Can inside wanton to set up sorting range is and sound instructing qualified only in 10% ¡À,
___Exceeding , shoulder and exceed . Can pass ¡ø on the panel ¨‹The key is revised by mistake ;
___Difference person who show, make their accord with standard value , accomplish zero error
__sorting from piece.
Zeroing can choose automatic or manual zeroing, guarantee accuracy that measure at any time.
Unique measurement principle, make copies of instrument need person who open case digitize
___regulating at the panel directly, Thus keep the high-accuracy characteristic of the
___instrument throughout the year .
Selectable apolegamy miniature printer, type and publish copies of instrument measurement

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