TR-2502A Accurate Resistance Digital Measuring Apparatus
Main Function
Instrument this can used in resistance of power( minimum 0.1 W) any go on hindering value( ) definitely, To the
___error( %), and the coefficient of temperature( ppm/ ) measurement.
The hindering value measures the range: 0-10M. Measure the precision( %): 0.01%( 100-1M),0.02%(10-3M).
Instrument this measure relative error resolution ratio up to 0.001% 1/100, 000, belong to domestic the very latest,
___Person who hinder measurement ups to 5 effective figures. Coefficient of temperature measure range , 9999 ppm/ of
___,resolution ratio 1 ppm/ , the difference in temperature( T) sets up the range - 999-999 .
Can inside wanton to set up sorting range is and sound instructing qualified only in 10% , Exceeding , shoulder and
___exceed . Can pass on the panel Key revise error person who show, make their accord with standard value ,
___accomplish zero error sorting from piece.
Zero school can choose automatic or manual zero school, guarantee accuracy that measure at any time.
Unique measurement principle, make copies of instrument need person who open case digitize regulating at the panel
___directly, Thus keep the high- accuracy characteristic of the instrument throughout the year .
Possess and scan and measure the function ( need and cooperate with RJJZ measuring system package ),each time at most
___can scan by resistance,scan average speed that measure up to 0.3 second /prop up.
The miniature printer of apolegamy , type and offer all measurement results of an instrument.

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