Stand-alone automatic/manual control:ATX,P¢ó,P¢ô,S.P.S.and S.P.S. power.
Can save 5 sets of load,circulate test dynamic automaticly.
Mainframe power voltage:AC 110/AC 220V selectable, AC power of S.P.S is supplied by external AC;or supplied by inside AC 110V/AC 220V,can be selected by panel switch.
  6 sets of load(4 pos.and 2 neg.,or customize according to customer)
Current Range
0 ¡« 40A
0 ¡« 80A
0 ¡« 4A
0 ¡« 40A
0 ¡« 8A
Voltage Range
0 ¡« 80V
0 ¡« 40V
maximum Power
Over power(15S)


  Test Function£º
Test automaticly and display 6 sets of load direct current voltage.
Hi/Lo voltage limit setting for 6 sets of load direct current voltage.
Test and display power comsuption of each 6 sets of load.
Short protection test of 6 groups of voltage.
OPP single key testing can set parameter manually, display power comsuption or total comsuption of each groups.
Can test boot-strap time of Setup¡¢PG Ring¡¢P.G and turnoff time of Hold On¡¢PF Ring¡¢P.F.
BNC port can be selected by rolling wave-band switch,work in oscillograph etc.(options),test the wave shape of eac(RIPPLE&NOLSE).
Built-in PS¡ªON/OFF function.
Provide ATX/AT Power standard tooling,or customize special tooling according to customer.
Test and display S.P.S input AC voltage/current.
INT/EXT select S.P.S. as input power,inside select AC 110V or AC 220V,three sets of external AC input can be used by AC Line Regulation when testing.

Oscillograph:20M ¡« 50M(Import),Test RIPPLE & NOISE.
Power form:Effective power¡¢inactive power¡¢power comsumption factor when PFC etc.testing.
Frequency Conversion Power:0.5¡¢1¡¢3¡¢5 KVA.
Resistance load test panel,Electronic load test panel.
Safe testing system£ºResist pressure¡¢insulated ¡¢Earthing resistance¡¢drain current¡¢leakage current,accord TUV¡¢UL¡¢etc. IEC standard.


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