Stand-alone automatic/manual control:ATX,P¢ó,P¢ô,S.P.S.and S.P.S. power.
Can save 10 sets of load,circulate test dynamic automaticly.
Mainframe power voltage:AC 110/AC 220V selectable, AC power of S.P.S is supplied by external AC;or supplied by inside AC 110V/AC 220V,can be selected by panel switch.
S.P.S AC input voltage¡¢current¡¢power¡¢power factor,efficiency test.(PLUS10+ only)
  6 sets of load(4 pos.and 2 neg.,or customize according to customer)
Current Range
0 ¡« 40A
0¡« 80A
0 ¡« 4A
0 ¡« 40A
0 ¡« 8A
Voltage Range
0 ¡« 80V
0 ¡« 40V
maximum Power
Over power(15S)


  Test function£º
Test automaticly and display 6 sets of load direct current voltage.
Hi/Lo voltage limit setting for 6 sets of load direct current voltage.
Test and display power comsuption of each 6 sets of load.
Short protection test of 6 groups of voltage.
OPP single key testing can set parameter manually, display power comsuption or total comsuption of each groups.
Can test boot-strap time of Setup¡¢PG Ring¡¢P.G and turnoff time of Hold On¡¢PF Ring¡¢P.F.
BNC port can be selected by rolling wave-band switch,work in oscillograph etc.(options),test the wave shape of eac(RIPPLE&NOLSE).
Built-in PS¡ªON/OFF function.
Provide ATX/AT Power standard tooling,or customize special tooling according to customer.
Test and display S.P.S input AC voltage/current.
INT/EXT select S.P.S. as input power,inside select AC 110V or AC 220V,three sets of external AC input can be used by AC Line Regulation when testing.
Measure S. P.S apparent power, active power , power factor, Efficiency built-in, leave out outer power meter when S. P.S tests. ( suitable for TR- 368PLUS + type);


Oscillograph¡¢power form¡¢Frequency conversion power¡¢Resistance load test panel¡¢Electronic load test panel¡¢Safe testing system.


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