Ni-H¡¢Ni-Cd Charger
* Can charge four pieces of Ni-H,Ni-Cd rechargable battery, can charge 1, 2, 3, 4 alone too.
* Have battery short detect function , avoid damage the charger;
* Adopt - ¡÷ V(negative voltage) measuring and temperature measuring , can make the battery charge totally full.
* Judge that it is not a rechargeable battery;
* Restriction of the maximum charge time;
* After Battery charge fully adopting tiny stream, guarantee that the battery is the full electric consumption
-- at the charger;
Working course£º
* No putting battery, 4 indicator lamp go out all,when putting battery,The corresponding indicator lamp is lighted;
* The big current charge:
--Carry on with 300MA with 500MA current to charge battery pulse, and measure the voltage and current of charging
--at any time;
--A:If measure and have got voltage up to 1.55 V within 3 minutes, judge  battery is non-rechargeable , Stop
-- charging,and the indicator lamp glimmers  with 5HZ frequency, time marks zeroing , The battery is taken out,
-- then the indicator lamp goes out;
--B:If measure and get voltage under 0.5 V within 3 minutes, judge battery short , Stop charging,and indicator lamp
-- glimmer by frequency with 5HZ, time marks zeroing ,  The battery is taken out, then the indicator lamp goes out;
--E:According to feedback voltage after charging 3 minute, go on - ¡÷ V( 5 15 mV, E: of mV,) measure;
* The tiny stream flows charge:
--If - ¡÷ V meet the demands, change charge pulse width , carry on tiny stream charging, Charging about
--10mA electric current, indicator lamp glimmer with 1 HZ frequency,indicate that the battery has already been full;
* Shut off regularly:
--Time from start charging, stop big electric current charge after 5 hours, change switch to tiny stream flow
--state of charging, The indicator lamp glimmers with 1HZ frequency;
* Taking out the battery, then the indicator lamp goes out;

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